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About Secondhandbooksindia

Secondhandbooksindia Meet ! The digital era has almost shelved away books from many people today and instead turned them into internet scroungers. A book, whether new or old is not a preference to most internet users who have resorted to sole reliance on the internet pages in the search for knowledge. However, the golden centrality that hard-copy knowledge books play in education has not been ignored by There are some old books that are hard to find but can now be found here. Who has ever imagined buying a used book published in the 1950s online? From Agatha Christie to Ernst Hemmingway, books of diverse genres are now available here at This magnificently designed website brings forth a plethora of genres of books from that cover all or most of the following areas :

  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Fantasy stories and books
  • Children’s story books
  • Classical and Contemporary plays
  • Modern and Classical Drama books
  • Adventure stories
  • Horrors
  • Mysteries and thrillers
  • Detective stories


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