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Pixie Cut- The Most Popular Haircut In Celeb Town

Pixie Cut- The Most Popular Haircut In Celeb Town
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (July 16th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

Some fashion trends have a way of making an impact on the celebrity circuit, and that by extension, influences a number of fashion conscious folks, in general. One such trend which has spread like wildfire since the past year is the pixie hair cut. From Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Lawrence, there are aa good number of actresses and celebrities who have rocked this less-fuss-more-style hairdo, since the 50’s!

Although the concept of short hair remains the same, there are still many variations to the differnt types of pixie cuts. From keeping it simple and extremely short to sporting hot bangs, the pixie cut can be flaunted in a variety of ways. Here are some of the celebrities who have completely nailed this never-out-of-fashion hairstyle!

Jennifer Lawrence

If there is one actress who gets full points for mastering the pixie cut, it is our very own Katnis Everdeen of Hunger Games, aka Jennifer Lawrence. Just like her nature and attitude, her pixie is bold and conspicuous. Disheveled, combed back or properly set bangs, ‘JLaw’ has rocked every form of the pixie cut!


Unconventional is her middle name and Rihanna lives up to that tag in every way possible. Sometimes with her music and sometimes with her look, the pop star is well known and lauded for her experimentation. Like the rest of her fashion statements, Rihanna’s short and endearing pixie cut has also been appreciated by one and all.

Emma Watson

She may have returned back to sporting her traditional long mane, but Emma Watson still deserves a special mention in this category. When the beloved Harry Potter star cut her luxuriant, flowing hair, she managed to turn many heads for the move. Rest assured, it was all in pleasant surprise and appreciation. Suffice it to say, when Emma walked the red carpet with her no-nonsense pixie cut, she made us fall in love with her, all over again!

Miley Cyrus

Whether its her ‘twerking’ antics or ‘Wrecking Ball” music, Miley Cyrus has become adept at grabbing eyeballs. So when she first came out with her hair, cut in a sleeked back pixie, we couldn’t help but gape in surprise. Wild and free, Miley’s pixie has taken many forms and has earned her the tag of “the-celebrity-to-lookout-for,” at every red carpet event!

Honorable Mention

The pixie cut has definitely become one of the most popular haircut of recent times. While many celebrities have tried their hands at this unconventional hairstyle, actresses like Anne Hathaway, Helle Berry, Michelle Williams and very recently, Kaley Cuoco, definitely deserve a special mention for absolutely rocking the look!

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