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“Ole Ola!” Its Time for FIFA!

“Ole Ola!” Its Time for FIFA!
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (June 11th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

Come June 12th 2014, the classic football fever will strike again! Held once in every four years, the Federation Internationale de Football Association aka FIFA World Cup is a mega event, eagerly awaited by football enthusiasts all over the globe. This time around, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to take place in the stunning locales of Brazil. As the 32 qualified teams prepare for the ultimate, month-long battle for the coveted World cup, soccer fans from all over the world are expected to flock Brazil in heaps. And in preparation, the biggest country in Latin and South America has spent billions of pounds for restoration and development of stadiums and infrastructure, as well as on appropriate security measures.

Football is one of the most celebrated games in the world and boasts of more number of fans than any other sport. Like always, there are numerous predictions regarding the results, and a lot of anticipation about certain hot favorite teams taking the trophy home. So here are some of the predictions about which teams shall shine and ultimately win the battle in this FIFA world cup.



Whether you like them or not, if you are a football aficionado, you wont deny the power and capabilities of La Roja aka the Spanish national football team. The defending champions are all set to retain the world title with a powerful squad comprising of some of the best players in the world, including Casillas, Ramos, Alba, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Mata, Torres and Rodriguez, just to name a few. Since this will probably the last world cup for star players like Casillas and Xavi, the world champs are expected to be in in their best forms to take the trophy back home.


Next comes the home team, Brazil. Entering the tournament with the advantage of playing from their home grounds,Brazil are being considered as very strong contenders for the world title this year. With young guns like Neymar and Oscar to maintain the momentum and experienced players like Paulinho and Silva backing the team, ‘A Selecao’ may very well lift the World cup this time.


One of the top contenders every world cup, Germany is another country which is being touted to become the next world champion. The German national team has remained largely unchanged under Joachim Low since a long time. This coupled with the fact that the squad consists of football masters like Klose, Podolski, Neuer, Ozil, Muller, Reus and others, makes it a tough team to play against.


According to common consensus, Argentina are expected to reach the finals this time around, and not surprisingly so. With the current best player of the world, Lionel Messi, ready to attack as a powerful striker, along with other promising players like Higuain, Romero and Aguero, Argentina are raring to end the 28 years long World title drought.

France, England & Italy

Apart from these, France, England and Italy are other hot favorites that have always proven to be strong and powerful teams to play against, by all. Having won the world title 1, 1 and 4 times respectively, it will come as no surprise if any of these three popular teams pick the coveted cup.

Dark Horses

While the above mentioned teams have always been part of the top tier in the World cup tournament, this year, it is being speculated that a Dark Horses may end up winning the title. Netherlands, Portugal, Uruguay, Belgium and Columbia, with a lot of talented young players in their squads, along with star players like Van Persie, Ronaldo and Suarez, are some of the teams that have high expectations riding on them.

Nevertheless, which country ultimately emerges victorious is something we all have to wait and see. But in the meantime, we can all stock up on some FIFA merchandise and grab a few player jerseys to enjoy each and every match with zeal, fervor and dedication. After all, football is a religion that deserves complete devotion from its fans!

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