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Home Theaters in 20K For Best Movie Experience

Home Theaters in 20K For Best Movie Experience
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (November 18th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

“Movies offer escapism into lives other than our own.” – Roger Ebert

There was a time when watching a movie in the cinema hall was the only way to experience the magic and magnificence of a film. Not anymore! With the evolution of modern technology, we can now experience our favourite movies in all their grandeur, right from the comfort of our homes, thanks to big TV screens, Blu-ray players and elaborate sound systems. If you are a movie junkie, then you know what we mean when we say that, nothing gives more pleasure than watching your favourite stories unfold on high definition screens.

But what is the point of having a big screen when you dont have the right sound system to give you that cinema hall feel? That’s exactly why you need, the very aptly named, home theater systems. If you own an envious movie collection or enjoy binge watching your favourite TV shows every weekend, then your next investment should be in getting a sophisticated home theater to compliment your big LED/LCD television set. Without further ado, here is a list, in no particular order, of 10 best home theater systems (with and without Blu-Ray) under 20k, that will inevitably bring your movies to life and give you the best cinematic experience, every time you turn on your television!

1) Sony DZ-350 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System
Price: Rs. 19000 approximately.


2) Philips HTD5520/94 Home Theatre System
Price: Rs. 12500 approximately.


3) LG HT306SU 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System
Price: Rs. 10000 approximately


4) JBL Cinema BD 100 Complete 5.1-Channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Integrated Home Theater System
Price: Rs. 17200 approximately.


5) Panasonic SC-XH170 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System
Price: Rs. 15000 approximately.


6) LG BH6731S 5.1 Blu Ray Home Theatre System
Price: Rs. 19150 approximately.


7) Philips HTD5580/94 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System/strong>
Price: Rs. 16000 approximately.


8) Sony MHC-ECL7D Mini-Hifi
Price: Rs. 14200 approximately.


9) Philips HTB5510 5.1 Blu Ray Home theater system
Price: Rs. 19990 approximately


10) Philips HTD5550/94 5.1 Home Theatre System
Price: Rs.15000 approximately.


All of these home theater systems are high on quality and are built to give the most satisfying movie watching experience you can get in this budget. Moreover, they are also aesthetically designed and constructed, so that your room does not appear cluttered, but instead looks classy and sophisticated. So what are you waiting for? Bring your favourite characters and stories to life with these high-end home theater systems now!

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