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Celebrate This Wedding Season with GOSF 2014 !

Celebrate This Wedding Season with GOSF 2014 !
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (December 8th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

The “Great” Indian wedding season is upon us. While this period is defined by endless celebratory functions and events involving family and friends, it is also a time when your bank balance suffers a serious drain. Whether it is a close friend’s, sibling’s, cousin’s, or any other relative’s, a wedding in your social circle calls for some extensive shopping trips that are almost always heavy on your pocket. And if you are among those who’s friends and cousins have coincidently decided to tie the knot in the same year, around the same time, then get ready to spend the coming few months in poverty caused by endless shopping sprees for the multiple weddings.

But this time, you have a chance to enjoy the marriage season without having to spend excessively on your wedding dresses, jewellery, footwear and more, all thanks to GOSF 2014. The Great Online Shopping Festival or GOSF, as it is commonly referred to as, is a 3 days long event organized by Google India. Involving the participation of more than 400 brands and online stores, GOSF is the perfect solution to your shopping woes, especially during the wedding season.
You can make the most of all the crazy sales and discount deals on offer during GOSF and get new outfits, matching jewellery, including accessories and gifts, for every different wedding you attend. So, make sure you are ready and set to go on an economic, online shopping spree, between 10th-12th December 2014, because the great online shopping festival is the god-sent event you were waiting for, to help you save your hard earned money! Here are some of the participating stores from which you can get all the possible wedding essentials, without over spending.

1) Ethnic Wear

Indian weddings are the perfect excuses to flaunt your “desi” side with beautiful and elegant ethnic dresses. From designer saris and lehenga cholis, to salwar kameez, anarkalis and more, GOSF 2014 will have exciting offers on all kinds of traditional Indian wear, from the best online ethnic stores. Some of those participating stores are;





2) Jewellery & Accessories

One of the trickiest parts about shopping for a wedding is to find matching jewellery and accessories for your dress. But the convenience of online shopping makes it extremely simple to choose the right jewellery for your dresses, due to the availability of a number of online stores solely dedicated to selling a variety of jewellery and accessories from one place itself. Plus, with the help of GOSF deals, you can now save a good sum of money while shopping for otherwise expensive jewellery. Here are some of the most reliable online destinations for all kinds of jewellery shopping for your special occasions, during GOSF festival;

Carat Lane




3) Wedding Gifts

The most dreaded task associated with any wedding is the responsibility to buy a suitable gift for the newlywed couple. Thanks to the internet and a number of online gift shops, this task has become relatively simple. All you have to do is browse through the multiple gifting options, nicely categorized under the wedding section and choose an appropriate gift to suit the wedding couple. GOSF India includes quite a few dedicated online gift shops as well as other mega stores, from which to shop for a suitable wedding gift. Here are some of those stores which will have the best GOSF offers;

Indian Gifts Portal


Amazon India


The Great Online Shopping Festival has all this and many more exciting things to offer. So if you are anticipating a busy wedding season this year, and are worried about splurging on the many essentials for your friend/relative’s wedding, just visit’s GOSF page, get the best GOSF coupons, make massive savings, and shop without refrain for 3 full days!

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