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Fun Ways To Celebrate This Rakshabandhan!

Fun Ways To Celebrate This Rakshabandhan!
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (August 8th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

Rakshabandhan is just around the corner, and we know that you must be just as excited as we are to indulge in this festival dedicated to the best relationship ever! Your siblings are the first best friends you make in your life. So it is only fair that we devote an entire day in honor of this special kinship. Every year, on this day, a sister ties a Rakhi to her brother and prays for his well being, following which the brother promises to love and protect her under all circumstances. While we love the emotion and affection behind this ritual, we also feel it is time to break the norm and try something fun and eccentric this Rakshabandhan, with your dear siblings. If you feel that too, then join the club and check out some quirky ideas in which to celebrate this Rakshabandhan!

Ditch the Sweet and Call for Some Savory Treats!

Indian festivals are incomplete without gorging on those high calorie laddoos and other sweet treats. Even though it may be extremely difficult to resist eating them, try some savory delights this time, or order some zesty food from Dominos or Pizza Hut, and stuff you brother’s mouth with a spicy slice of pizza instead of the traditional sweet barfis. After all, who can refuse a pizza, the universal favourite food of all times!

Leave the Confines of your Home and Celebrate Rakhi at Some Place Fun!

Visiting your loved ones is always pleasurable. But this Rakshabandhan, take your family to some exciting new market place, that has tons of entertainment options, to help you celebrate Rakhi with more merriment and fun than ever before. Get your Rakhi tied at Snow World under freezing temperatures at Phoenix Market city, Kurla, give your sister the most surreal experience of her life by taking her to a 9D theatre, or take your sibling rivalry to the next level and play Paint Ball Laser Tag in a temperature controlled war zone, at Smaash, Mumbai! Indulge in any of these or other exhilarating activities and make your Rakshabandhan celebration a truly memorable affair!

Surprise Your Sibling with Unusual Gifts!

Apparels, jewellery, idols and wall pieces are age old ideas of gifting, which need to be revised immediately! So this Rakhi, surprise your sibling by breaking the norm and getting him/her something so unusual that he/she will remember this year’s Rakshabandhan for all the years to come. Get a real star in the sky named after your sister or book a thrilling flying fox aerial adventure for your adventure hungry brother, and see their faces beam with joy and happiness like you’ve never seen before!

Indulge in Charity and Celebrate with Underprivileged Kids.

Dont have a sibling to celebrate Rakshabandhan with? No Problem! You can make the lesser privileged children happy by gifting them toys and clothes, and celebrating Rakhi with them. This will not only make their day, but will also give you the pleasure and satisfaction of bringing joy to children less privileged than others. After all, Florence Shinn has very rightly said, “giving opens the way for receiving.”

Liked our fun and quirky ideas for celebrating Rakshabandhan? Have some more to add to the list? Either way, you can drop in your opinions in the comments section. Dont forget to check out our Rakshabandhan Page in the Festivals section, and make the most of this festive season’s many offers and discounts, specially brought to you by our team! Happy shopping and have a great Rakshabandhan!

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