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‘Charity Begins at Home’ for!

‘Charity Begins at Home’ for!
Posted by: Mohak Yelmal (November 14th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

The kind & humble, they say, are people who lead by examples that may not be worth a million dollars but can bring about a few smiles and change the world for better, bit by bit.

PriceBurp was originally founded in 2010, and intended to help people save as much money as possible, through various discount offers and deals, ranging from 25%, to even 75% in some cases. Over the last four years, we have helped thousands of people to inch a bit closer to their dreams by saving money every time they bought something online. These dreams may be to acquire an asset or simply put it to some good use. In Diwali on 2014, our team decided to utilize their own savings that they had made over a period of time using Priceburp and put it to good use. What started as a self soul satisfying activity for our team changed the selfish outlook we had towards life and people around us. We decided to help out a few street children to celebrate Diwali with our savings, however it turned out that even a proper nutritional meal a day was as good as Diwali back at home for these children. Further conversation revealed that they often either begged for food on streets or at times even slept empty stomach. While the team came back from the streets into their comfortable air-conditioned office, everyone only had one question in mind…Will this ever change?

While doing further research on the food and hunger crisis & issues in India, we came across some very grim figures which shocked us. According to UNICEF, 1 in 3 malnourished children in the world, lives in India, while another report from Reuter (2012) states that approximately 3000 children die every single day in our country, due to hunger related problems and lack of proper food support. There are many central and state government run programs which support this cause. However for India, hunger still remains a silent mass assassin.
This galvanized us into thinking if we could commit ourselves to this cause and further also let our users contribute to this cause and help in feeding thousands of poor children on a daily basis. Now the question was how do we reach across to these children, that’s when we came across Akshaya Patra Foundation which is world’s largest non-profit organization providing the mid-day meal to 1.4 million children every day.Through this collaboration, the business, while focusing on brand building, would also simultaneously work to contribute to the underprivileged children with the support of our users.

Accordingly, every user who will now use a coupon from Priceburp will be a part of a bigger charity plan to support these children. For every time someone uses a coupon from Priceburp, resulting in a qualifying sale, we will start donating meals for the underprivileged children in India through Akshaya Patra Foundation.And the best bit about this plan? The users will NOT be spending even a single extra rupee, as the donation would be made by Priceburp ! Which means that each time a meal is donated for a coupon used, we would be taking a small step towards addressing the larger hunger problem in India.

Just how big can this get you ask ? While the business will grow the meals per day offered will also grow leading to a much bigger social cause. With 243 mn internet users in India expected to grow to 500 mn by 2018, India will be one of the biggest Nation with Internet penetration. Out of the 243 mn about 185 mn are mobile internet users.As of today, India’s internet penetration is at about 20% and there is a huge scope of growth for ecommerce as well as supporting businesses.However the total population that transacts online through shopping is approx 25 mn expected to grow to 40 mn by 2016 and a huge chunk of this population make multiple purchases online throughout the year.

Assuming that 20% of the total population that transacts online uses Priceburp by 2016, and they make average of 5 transactions in a year, we will end up donating 40 mn meals in a year to the underprivileged children.

Which means that each time a meal was to be donated for a coupon used, we would take our little step in contributing to the hunger problem in India. Although this will not resolve the food problem in India completely, this will be our small step towards contributing for this cause. And what better day to launch this initiative for children on 14th November – Children’s Day!

So remember, every time you are shopping online with Priceburp and using a coupon you are feeding an undernourished child somewhere, bringing a smile to his face and changing the world for better – bit by bit.

Thank You for Reading and Happy Shopping!

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