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7 unique hand picked gifts for her on this valentine’s day

7 unique hand picked gifts for her on this valentine’s day
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (February 7th 2015)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Are you ready to surprise her? No? Don’t worry, we bring you the most unique gifts that she’s bound to love. Girls have grown way past the cheesy valentine’s gifts and it’s time to bring in some quality. We do love hand made chocolates and flowers but those are complimentary. You can compare the products online with websites like, to get the best gift for your girl. The real deal lies in elegance and quality so, here are the 7 unique hand picked gifts for her on this Valentine’s day.

1. Put a ring on her finger

Women are passionate about anything and everything that has diamonds on them. A diamond ring or any piece of jewellery for that matter will make her day. Shell out some more and invest in some jewellery, after all she’s the one for you.

2. Make her smell some love

Women feel complete when they spray on their fragrance. If you know what her favorite perfume is you have found a gift that she will definitely love.

3. Let her be your Cinderella

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Well, it is. We girls are huge fans of elegant heels. Heels are to women what games are to men. One pair of heels is all it will take, for you to make this valentine’s day special.

4. Give her some time

Yes, you have to spend time with her. But that is not what we are suggesting here. What we want to suggest is that you give your girl a simple yet classic wrist watch. Every time she wears the watch, it is you who will smile.

5. Pamper her

Who doesn’t like to get pampered? Women love it. Gift her some body oil to pamper herself with. That will make her think of you every time she showers.

6. Get her something to cuddle

A soft toy to cuddle with is the cutest gift you can get her. And we assure you that she will love it, no matter how big or small it is.

7. Vouchers won’t hurt

If you’re still unsure as to what will make her happy, then don’t get her anything. Simply get her gift vouchers and then she is free to buy herself whatever she pleases. All you need to do is be ready to carry her shopping bags!

One of these along with the chocolates and flowers is all that your girl needs. Feel free to check some coupons/discounts here on After all, a penny saved is a penny earned!

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