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5 Ways In Which GOSF 2014 Can Be Your Life Saver!

5 Ways In Which GOSF 2014 Can Be Your Life Saver!
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (December 11th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under:

The D-day of online shopping in India, is finally here! This year’s Great Online Shopping Festival edition has, at long last, begun! It is officially the time to roll up your sleeves, open your laptop, start making the most of the three best days for online shopping and stock up on all those products that you have wanted to buy since forever, and save loads of money in the process. If you are an online shopping addict like us, then we are sure you have already decided which products you will be adding to your shopping cart.

But we also know there are those of you who are merely curious about GOSF and are wondering whether it is worth your time, money and attention. Well, the answer to that question is, yes it is! In order to give you a glimpse of how beneficial GOSF can be, we have listed five ways in which this shopping festival can act as a life saver in different situations and hence, rightfully deserves your immediate attention!

1) You can bulk buy gifts for all your friends and family members in advance.

If you belong to the forgetful lot, then you have undoubtedly faced embarrassment over forgetting to get a gift for your loved one for his/her birthday. Since GOSF provides good deals and attractive offers on a number of gifting products, you can stock up on these, without overspending and not worry about disappointing your family members on their special days.

2) You can fulfill your promise to take your wife/children for a holiday trip, at last.

Travel expenses have become ridiculously costly. So we dont blame you for postponing the family vacation you have promised your kids and wife, for another time. However, now that time has come to book those flight tickets and hotel reservations, because during GOSF, you can get crazy discounts on your travel bookings! So here’s your chance to enjoy the long awaited family vacation, without going overboard your budget.

3) You can finally make the resident “show-off” in your office feel jealous with your exclusive purchases.

Lets face it, we all have atleast one person in our workplace or social circle who, consciously or unconsciously, loves showing off about all the brand new products he/she buys before anybody else does. With GOSF’s ‘Exclusive Items’ feature, you too can get your hands on brand new products that are launched exclusively on the participating stores, and give the gloaters a taste of their own medicine.

4) You can give your pals all the pending treats that you have been avoiding due to fear of overspending.

If there is one thing that your group of friends will never cease demanding from you, for every birthday or anniversary, it is a food treat. And if you have a large bunch of friends, then you will invariably lose a big chunk of your monthly salary in feeding your compulsively hungry mates. So if you have any such birthday or anniversary treat pending, the three days of GOSF 2014 are the perfect time to clear your treat debts, with “tasty” deals from the best food joints like Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, etc.

5) You can buy DVD’s for all those movies that you missed watching when they released in the theater.

The busy lives we lead often make it difficult for us to watch some of our most awaited movies when they are released in the theater. If you have been keeping a list of all the movies you missed and waiting to get their DVD’s home, then this is the time to start ticking off some movies from that list. During GOSF, you can make the most of some truly exciting offers on DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs of some of the best Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV shows and enjoy your weekends binge-watching them at home.

If you dont agree with any of these reasons, there is still enough cause for you to check out GOSF 2014! Because shopping and saving money at the same time, is an opportunity that nobody would want to miss. So just visit the GOSF page on PriceBurp, check out all the amazing deals and offers we have compiled for you, and we are sure you will find atleast one thing that is truly irresistible to pass. Happy shopping!

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