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5 Cool & Unconventional Ways of Using Your Smart Phone !

5 Cool & Unconventional Ways of Using Your Smart Phone !
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (September 5th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

“A book is a man’s best friend.” But in today’s day and age, its safe to alter this saying to, “A smart phone is a man’s best friend.” And why not? After all, a smart phone has a million practical uses, including storage of more than one book at a time, all in one small device. While the original purpose of communication has largely become secondary, today’s smart phones perform countless other functions, without some of which, even performing our daily activities would be a strenuous task. From taking selfies, waking us up in the morning, reminding us about important dates and occasions, making every possible piece of information available to us, and entertaining us, to helping us order our favourite food, showing us directions, storing crucial data and capturing our special moments, a smart phone does it all without any complains! Now, who wouldn’t want a friend like that? But if you thought that these tasks are all your smart phone can perform, we have a little surprise for you! If you are looking to buy a new smart phone, or already own one, check out some of these cool and extremely beneficial apps that will make your smart phone, a truly indispensable device!

1) Remotely Manage Your Car from Anywhere.

Yes, you read that correctly! Your smart phone can now be used to start and lock/unlock your car, no matter how physically far or near you are to it. There are quite a few apps like Viper SmartStart, which help you protect your car and perform various other functions like honk from the car, open the boot, operate the alarm, etc, all from your smart device! Whether you buy an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Note, this app is compatible with both iOS and Android, so you are good to go in any case!

2) Scan All Your Important Documents in a Jiffy!

Whether it is important office documents, bar codes or the holiday album pictures that your loved ones have been nagging you to send, your smart phone can now be used as a handy scanner to scan anything you want, and send the files to anyone, anywhere without spending a penny! Just get any of the TurboScan or CardScan apps and turn your mobile device into a small, convenient scanner.

3) Stay Fit, Sleep Right and Keep a Check on Your Heart Rate, Altogether!

Having trouble following a healthy routine? Your smart phone can help you achieve your fitness goals, and keep your health in check. Start by downloading the SleepBot app on your Android or iOS phone. It will monitor your sleep pattern and set a specialized sleep alarm which will wake you up during light sleep, to ensure you complete a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh. If you are indulging in cardio exercises to improve your heart health, then the Instant Heart Rate Pro app is just the thing you need on your smart phone! It will not only measure your heart rate, but will also help you track your progress by saving the previous measurements. To sum it up, your fitness is in your hands now, literally!

4) Control Other Remote Electronic Devices

We have all misplaced our TV remote atleast once in our lives. But the next time that happens, instead of panicking, all you have to do is get hold of your smart phone! If you own any one of the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or HTC smart phones, it is highly likely that they will come equipped with Infrared blasters which can help you control other electronic devices, including the TV and DTH remotes. Moreover, there are several apps which can easily be downloaded from Google Play store, which will perform the same functions as these electronic devices. How convenient, right?

5) Know When It’s Safe to Drive After A Night of Indulging in Alcohol

Its never safe to drive immediately after downing a few drinks with your mates. But now, you can easily find out how long you have to wait before you can drive, with the help of your smart phone! The iAlcohol app on your iPhone or the DrinkTracker app on your Android phone can measure the amount of alcohol in your blood and tell you when it is safe to hit the road after a night of drinking. So you can enjoy and be safe at the same time!

Armed with a multitude of different, extremely helpful applications, smart phones have truly become more than just communicating devices. All you have to do is get your hands on one of the many smart phone brands available in the market, download your desired apps, and enjoy all the benefits of the most revolutionary invention of our time! After all, it is called a “smart” phone for a reason.

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