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5 Home Decor Tips to Cozy Up Your Home For Winter

5 Home Decor Tips to Cozy Up Your Home For Winter
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (December 17th 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

“Winter is Coming.” Although this famous line is straight out of a popular TV show, we cant help but be hopeful that it comes true after the long stretch of sweltering heat. The start of December will hopefully usher in a much needed change in the weather and bring some cold winds down our way, as the coming of fall will surely be a welcome respite for everyone. While our winters are not as cold as we would like them to be, they are still pleasant enough to make us wish they lasted longer, for many reasons.

If you are as enthusiastic and eager about the onset of autumn/winter as we are, then we are sure you will start stocking up your wardrobe with coats, jackets and pullovers very soon. However, your wardrobe should not be the only thing that undergoes a makeover this winter. With a few simple additions and modifications, you can even transform your home and make it ready for the fall. Just take a cue from some of these suggestions to re-decorate your home for the coming season, and get ready to enjoy cozy, delightful evenings with your loved ones, indoors, in your winter-ready abode!

1) Artificial Hearth/Electric Fireplace For the Classic Winter Look

A fireplace becomes the most essential item in a living room during cold weather. But since winter is not very harsh in our part of the country, it is not common to find a fireplace in our homes. However, if you are a fan of vintage, sophisticated decors, an artificial hearth or an electric fireplace is something you can easily get to compliment the cool climate outside. Not only will it look classy, it will also help you and your family stay warm every evening.


2) Rugs and Carpets For Cold Feet

If there is one decor item that proves most useful during cooler climates, it is a nice, soft rug or carpet. If you dont own one already, get a plush, preferably woolen rug for your living room, as it will do wonders to keep you warm, while you sit down to watch television with your family, during those winter months.


3) Snuggle Worthy Cushions on your Sofa

Nothing beats the amazing feeling of snuggling up with a fluffy pillow or cushion on your sofa, with a cup of hot coffee and an interesting book, especially on a cold holiday. If you can visualize the fun and comfort in this pleasurable scenario, grab a pair of furry cushions to deck your sofa for this winter and get set for cozy and glorious afternoons with your favourite book.


4) A Lights and Candles For Longer, Colder Nights

As the days become shorter and nights become longer, your interiors will require good amount of lighting to brighten up your home, when it gets dark and dreary outside. Hence, winter months are a good time to illuminate your homes with beautiful, designer lights and decorative candles, so that your home is ready to welcome you with warmth and brightness, everyday you return home after a long day’s work.


5) Colorful Curtains For Keeping the Weariness of Winter at Bay

While the outside world will invariably appear dull and insipid from the windows during winter, you can still keep the atmosphere in your home cheerful and vibrant with bright, colorful curtains. So that, no matter how drab it gets outside, you will never feel weary inside your home.


Now that you know how you can give your home a fabulous makeover, get these amazing home decor items online, as winter gradually sets in, to enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest!

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