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5 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Christmas Wish List

5 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Christmas Wish List
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (December 23rd 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: General

“Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!” Christmas is finally here! As the ultimate celebratory event of the year, this delightful festival is one of the most anticipated occasions for everyone. Whether it is decorating one’s home, adorning the Christmas tree, or preparing a variety of sweets and buying and wrapping presents, Christmas is defined by the endless fun activities one can enjoy with their family and close friends.

Speaking of presents, Christmas time is probably the only time in the year when you can officially ask for your preferred gifts from Santa (your family really) and expect to receive them, come the eve of December 25th. So this Christmas, being gadget geeks ourselves, we decided to help fellow gadget freaks to know some amazingly practical gadgets that they can include in their wish list and bring in the new year with these brilliant technological assets!

1) Activity Tracker

If there is one gadget that is absolutely essential for all health freaks, it is an activity tracker. This innovative band, generally worn on the wrist, helps in tracking your daily activity as well as the amount of calories burned, and gives a feedback of your workout sessions, while also monitoring your sleep patterns.


2) Selfie Stick

Perhaps the most thoughtful invention to suit our “selfie” generation, this namesake stick will save you loads of trouble while clicking selfies, if you love flooding your social media profiles with your pictures. Now, no more asking others to take a picture while you pose with your best buddies! Just mount your phone on this monopod and click away as many pictures as you want!


3) Kindle

If you are a bookworm, then you probably own this ingenious creation already. If you dont, then Christmas time is the best time to ask your parents to gift you this beauty. “This ultimate device for reading” can hold up to 1000 books at a time, so that you can carry your literary treasure wherever you go!


4) Bluetooth Speaker

Love jamming to your favourite rock music on loud speakers? Then Bluetooth Speakers were devised just for music fanatics like you. These wireless speakers, unlike ordinary speakers, can play your favourite tunes through Bluetooth, at volumes that will compel you to sing along and headbang your way through the songs!


5) Air Fryer

Fried food while being tasty, is generally not very good for your health due to the excessive amounts of oil that goes into making it. But if you cant resist binge eating your fried food then its time you got an Air Fryer in your kitchen. This device very conveniently allows you to fry a variety of food without using oil, so you can enjoy your favourite food without worrying about your health! How awesome is that!


While receiving any of these amazing gadgets for Christmas would certainly make your day, dont forget to get equally appealing presents for your loved ones. Check out special Christmas offers on PriceBurp and celebrate this wonderful festival without draining your pockets completely. Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

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