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10 Celebrity Perfumes Worth Every Penny They Cost !

10 Celebrity Perfumes Worth Every Penny They Cost !
Posted by: Pooja Pandya (October 31st 2014)  |  No comment  |  Under: Lifestyle

“Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.” – Christian Dior.

If there is one cosmetic range that appeals to everyone, irrespective of their gender and age, it is perfumes. An absolutely must-have accessory on every person’s dressing table, a good fragrance lends a finishing touch to your appearance. Floral, Chypre, Oceanic, Oriental or Fougére, your preference in fragrances will inadvertently reflect your personality and taste. While we have no shortage of world-class perfume brands that have the most exquisite and mesmerizing scents, there is still something about celebrity fragrances that holds a special appeal, especially to the young adult generation.

Since the inception of this trend, quite a few celebs have come up with their signature perfume ranges. Whether you are a fan or simply love flaunting all things that are endorsed, marketed or designed by famous personalities, we have listed for you, some of the best celebrity fragrances from the world, which though expensive, are worth every rupee you may spend on them. Caution! These scents can be highly enrapturing to your companions, so be prepared for all the attention you may attract when you wear any of these alluring scents!

1) Elizabeth Taylor- White Diamonds (With Sophia Grojsman)

One of Hollywood’s most iconic star, Liz Taylor was the living embodiment of grace, elegance, beauty and glamour. The same can be said about her best-selling perfume line, White Diamonds. The first official celebrity perfume range, this rich fragrance is infused with sophisticated and exquisite floral smells of Egyptian tuberose, jasmine, Italian neroli and Amazon lily, along with a smooth base of oakmoss and amber. If its exclusivity, elegance and glam you are aiming for, then White Diamonds is “the” fragrance for you.


2) Jennifer Lopez- Glow (With Coty)

Considered as “the best-selling celebrity perfume brand,” J-Lo’s Glow range of fragrances have just the right amount of glam and individuality that is very popularly associated with the star herself. The range is known to combine all the scents that J-Lo loves, from musk, citrus and jasmine to vanilla, and possesses a wonderful vibe of elegance as well as vibrance.


3) Beyonce- Heat (With Coty)

A truly sexy and mesmerizing perfume range from the one of the world’s most popular divas, Heat by Beyonce has the most appealing smells you can ask for in a perfume. Laced with subtly captivating scents of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, peach and other exotic undertones, Heat is the perfect fragrance to make you feel sophisticated, sensual and alluring.


4) Britney Spears- Island Fantasy (With Elizabeth Arden)

A perfect scent for summer wear, Island Fantasy beautifully combines a fruity, citrus fragrance with a subtle floral smell. The result is, a fresh, very pleasant perfume which works its magic without being too overpowering.


5) Rihanna- Reb’l Fleur (With Parlux)

RiRi’s perfume range is one of the best-selling and most popular of all celebrity fragrances. Reb’l Fluer exudes an intense and highly sophisticated scent which is signified by the beautiful combination of violet and hibiscus tones with a cool and refreshing ocean base.


6) Taylor Swift- Taylor (With Elizabeth Arden)

Cheerful, sweet and glamorous, all the things that you would relate Taylor Swift to, stand true for her perfume Taylor as well. A sweet, floral scent, which won the Fragrance Celebrity Award at the 2013 Fragrance Foundation Award, Taylor is the perfect perfume for all the early-20-somethings out there.


7) Antonio Banderas- The Secret Cologne (With Puig)

If there is one celebrity who knows how to create enthralling scents that perfectly complement a man of class, it is Antonio Banderas, and the Secret is the ultimate proof of this fact. The best fragrance to wear for a special evening, The Secret combines all the alluring, manly scents of musk, cinnamon, wood, mint and more, making it the most sensual perfume that any man can wear.


8) David Beckham- Intimately (With Coty)

This “intimate” offering from the most influential footballer of our times, Intimately embodies everything that can be used to describe David Beckham. The masculine scent primarily includes bergamot, violet, cardamom and grapefruit, combined with a woody base of patchouli, sandalwood and amber. It is the ideal perfume for a man who appreciates the fusion of contemporary style and old-school, elegance, just like Beckham.


9) Sarah Jessica Parker- Lovely ( With Coty)

Calling all Sex and the City Fans! Sarah Jessica Parker’s first perfume, Lovely, is soft, sexy and classy, all at once. Combining a string of elegantly delightful smells of citrus, rosewood, lavender, orchids, daffodils and a touch of the famous apple martini, with a woody base, Lovely comes across as an extremely pleasant fragrance, intimate yet not very strongly so.


10) Justin Bieber- The Key (With Elizabeth Arden)

Okay, many of you may probably cringe looking at this celebrity’s name in the list, but his perfume, The Key, definitely deserves a mention here. The musky-floral scent was marketed by Justin as the best means by which his fans could connect and identify with him.


Other than these, there are several other celebrities like Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and the likes, who have their own range of fragrances. So if you are in a mood for a little self-indulgence, try any of these ritzy perfumes and charm your way through any occasion, just like your favourite star!

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